Week 11 Performance Rankings

It’s the first week of division rivalry games pt. 2, and things got a little spicy. Let’s see if the performance rankings can help us predict who will make it into the playoffs.

Overall Rankings

Week 11 Pegasus looks a lot like Week 1 Pegasus. With that performance they clinch their division this week, as if that was ever in doubt. Bling Bling had a scare this week. They are within a very reachable distance from Not Lucky in overall points scored and Kali Warriors have an outside shot at overtaking them as well. It’s a pretty small chance that they would miss a Wild Card spot, but still. Got to be a little nerve-wracking.


Not Lucky gets their spot back after Bling Bling and Detroit Wolverines had a less-than-stellar week. Pegasus meanwhile climbs their way from the depths.


This week was very strange week at QB. Many of the top QBs underperformed and some unexpected ones had a big day. The unexpected being Josh Allen who was 21/33 for 256 yards and 3 TDs, not to mention 56 rushing yards and a rushing TD. Unfortunately for the Tricksters it was not enough to beat Pegasus, and their playoff chances are looking pretty grim.


Nothing much to say here. Can Kali Warriors overtake Bling Bling at RB? I mean, can it get up to 80 °F in Antartica? Sure, but it would take a lot of global warming.


The Golden Eagles are clawing to get back their number one rank at WR. It may be too little too late. Kali Warriors prove their weakness at WR making them ranked 9th.


There’s a ways to go before a newcomer can break into the top 4, which have stayed the same since Week 5. There’s still enough time for that to change though.


Do you remember when Pegasus was the number one defense in the league? Yeah me neither. But they’re now in a good spot to take it back. They haven’t held the number one spot since Week 4.


Total domination had a nice showing at DL allowing them to move up two places. If I had to break this position down into tiers, I’d make four of them. Winged Hussars, Red Warriors, and speed-demons are C tier. Pegasus, Total domination, Bling Bling, and Golden Eagles make up the B tier. Detroit Wolverines, Necessary Roughness, and Tricksters are A tier, while Kali Warriors and Not Lucky are S tier. Probably won’t see much movement between tiers before playoffs.


The speed-demons overtake Bling Bling to earn the top spot at LB. This is the last position to see a lead change, and it comes after an abysmal showing from Bling Bling who have held the lead the entire season.


Not Lucky rides their recent success to put them at second. The Golden Eagles are still a stretch away from them.

How My Predictions Are Fairing

Last week I made some playoff predictions. I said the seeds would end up as follows:

(1) Bling Bling, (2) Kali Warriors, (3) Pegasus, (4) speed-demons, (5) Detroit Wolverines, (6) Not Lucky

So far that seems to hold true. Except Total domination could completely screw up my predictions after they beat Kali Warriors this week. Kali Warriors hold the tie over Total domination, but they either need to beat Bling Bling in Week 13, or hope Red Warriors can upset The Death Eaters. This is assuming they beat Red Warriors this week and Total domination loses to the Detroit Wolverines. If Total domination does win the division, that would make a three-way fight for the second seed between them, Pegasus, and speed-demons. It would also make the Wild Card situation very interesting.

Other than Total domination I don’t think anyone else has a real shot at the playoffs. Tricksters have an outside chance, but they have to win their next two and have speed-demons lose out. Their matchup against speed-demons this week will be the decider.