Week 6 Newsletter

After an explosive week for fantasy is officially in the books, it’s time again to check in on the status of the league.

Weekly Status Update

Current Playoff Seeds

If the playoff seeds were calculated today, here’s who would make the cut.

Seed Team Name Criteria
1st Bling Bling Division winner with best record*
2nd Pegasus Division winner with second-best record*
3rd Kali Warriors Division winner with third-best record*
4th Tricksters Division winner with worst record*
5th Not Lucky Team with best record among remaining*
6th Total domination Team with most points for among remaining

*Ties broken by Points For.

Most notable change here is that Total domination is currently in contention for the points-based wild card seed.

Title Belt

Team Not Lucky successfully defended his title and is holding the belt for the second week in a row!

Scoring by Division

Rank Division Name Points For Wins Average PPG
1 Division By Zero 2681.40 9 178.76
2 High Flyers 2522.38 8 168.16
3 The Resistance 2450.26 6 163.35
4 Cerberus 2365.64 7 157.71

Total domination’s and Kali Warriors’ big performances weren’t enough to carry Cerberus out of the bottom rung on the divisional ladder. Division By Zero continues to be absolutely dominant (mostly–sorry, Wolverines).

Points Leaders

Points For

Rank Team Name Points For Change Points Behind Lead Points Behind Next Rank
1 Bling Bling 969.18 2 0.00 0.00
2 Not Lucky 954.96 0 14.22 14.22
3 Pegasus 940.26 -2 28.92 14.70
4 Kali Warriors 886.80 1 82.38 53.46
5 Tricksters 869.86 -1 99.32 16.94
6 The Death Eaters 834.82 2 134.36 35.04
7 speed-demons 831.42 -1 137.76 3.40
8 Golden Eagles 796.68 2 172.50 34.74
9 Winged Hussars 785.44 -2 183.74 11.24
10 Detroit Wolverines 757.26 1 211.92 28.18
11 Necessary Roughness 748.98 -2 220.20 8.28
12 Red Warriors 644.02 0 325.16 104.96

The Points Behind Next Rank column really helps illustrate the gap between what I’m dubbing the Big 3 and their competition. The Big 3 are pretty close to each other, but the #4 team, Kali Warriors, trails Pegasus by 53 points. That gap can be closed in a single week, but it’s the second largest gap between teams behind the Red Warriors’ astonishing 104-point gap behind Necessary Roughness.

Max Points For

I don’t really value this stat too much, since it’s skewed by anomalous boom weeks by inconsistent players on your bench, so I’m not going to include as much detail as the above table.

Rank Team Name Max PF
1 Not Lucky 1215.82
2 speed-demons 1144.82
3 Tricksters 1106.16
4 Bling Bling 1103.86
5 Kali Warriors 1097.38
6 Pegasus 1074.56
7 Detroit Wolverines 1071.54
8 Winged Hussars 1025.54
9 The Death Eaters 980.30
10 Golden Eagles 976.06
11 Necessary Roughness 932.90
12 Red Warriors 920.40

Manager Ranking

Here’s a new metric tracking how well you’ve been managing your roster over the season. The grade is purely what percentage of your Max PF you’ve been able to successfully use.

The unfortunate thing about the Red Warriors is that they not only have the lowest total Max PF but they also have been the least efficient at managing their team. Fatal combination.

Rank Team Name Points For Max PF Manager Grade
1 Bling Bling 969.18 1103.86 87.80%
2 Pegasus 940.26 1074.56 87.50%
3 The Death Eaters 834.82 980.30 85.16%
4 Golden Eagles 796.68 976.06 81.62%
5 Kali Warriors 886.80 1097.38 80.81%
6 Necessary Roughness 748.98 932.90 80.29%
7 Tricksters 869.86 1106.16 78.64%
8 Not Lucky 954.96 1215.82 78.54%
9 Winged Hussars 785.44 1025.54 76.59%
10 speed-demons 831.42 1144.82 72.62%
11 Detroit Wolverines 757.26 1071.54 70.67%
12 Red Warriors 644.02 920.40 69.97%

Power Rankings Table

Bling Bling #1 0 5-0 49-6 #1, 194ppg #2
Pegasus #2 0 4-1 40-15 #3, 188ppg #6
Not Lucky #3 0 3-2 37-18 #2, 191ppg #4
Kali Warriors #4 1 3-2 36-19 #4, 177ppg #1
Tricksters #5 -1 3-2 32-23 #5, 174ppg #5
The Death Eaters #6 1 3-2 27-28 #6, 167ppg #7
speed-demons #7 -1 2-3 25-30 #7, 166ppg #3
Golden Eagles #8 0 3-2 22-33 #8, 159ppg #11
Winged Hussars #9 0 1-4 22-33 #9, 157ppg #12
Detroit Wolverines #10 1 1-4 17-38 #10, 151ppg #9
Necessary Roughness #11 -1 1-4 14-41 #11, 150ppg #8
Red Warriors #12 0 1-4 9-46 #12, 129ppg #10

This week didn’t see any dramatic changes in rank–just some light jostling among the lower tiers. The Big 3 are still dominant and remain unchanged. I expect Not Lucky to move up past Pegasus in the coming week if that team keeps performing.

Power Rankings Over Time

  "type": "line",
  "data": {
    "labels":["PS","W1","W2", "W3", "W4", "W5", "W6"],
        "borderColor": "#800000",
        "fill": false,
        "label":"Kali Warriors"
        "borderColor": "#e6194B",
        "fill": false,
        "label":"The Death Eaters"
        "borderColor": "#f58231",
        "fill": false,
        "label":"Red Warriors"
        "borderColor": "#808000",
        "fill": false,
        "borderColor": "#bfef45",
        "fill": false,
        "borderColor": "#3cb44b",
        "fill": false,
        "label":"Necessary Roughness"
        "borderColor": "#4363d8",
        "fill": false,
        "label":"Bling Bling"
        "borderColor": "#911eb4",
        "fill": false,
        "label":"Not Lucky"
        "borderColor": "#f032e6",
        "fill": false,
        "label":"Detroit Wolverines"
        "borderColor": "#000000",
        "fill": false,
        "borderColor": "#aaffc3",
        "fill": false,
        "label":"Golden Eagles"
        "borderColor": "#469990",
        "fill": false,
        "label":"Winged Hussars"
  "options": {
    "elements": {
      "line": {
        "tension": 0
    "scales": {
      "yAxes": [{
          "stacked": false,
          "ticks": {
            "reverse": true,
            "min": 1

Interesting notes on this chart:

  • The speed-demons have had the most erratic trajectory so far, starting the season at 8, rocketing to 1, and then slowly meandering back down to 7.
  • Pegasus has seen the most dramatic turn-around in power ranking from the start of the season to present, beginning the season at #10, rocketing up to #3, and cementing at #2, where they’ve sat for the past 3 weeks.

Team-by-Team Breakdown

Bling Bling (1)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
5-0 1 49-6 969.18 193.84

There really isn’t much to say here that hasn’t been said. This team is incredibly dominant. Their biggest struggles lie at the QB position–I mean, the owner is streaming Devlin Hodges, which I think says it all. Of course, does Bling Bling really need a QB?

Pegasus (2)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
4-1 1 40-15 940.26 188.05

Even though Pegasus sits at #2, they aren’t really close to jostling Bling Bling for the #1 spot. The gap between Bling Bling and his competition in terms of overall power at the moment is pretty wide.

Pegasus sits atop their division fairly comfortably–their closest competition is the Golden Eagles, which don’t quite pose a threat yet.

Not Lucky (3)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
3-2 2 37-18 954.96 190.99

After starting the year with an unfortunate 0-2 record, Not Lucky has been on a rampage, recording three wins in the past three weeks. While their schedule hasn’t been entirely unfair (their actual win percentage of 60% only differs from their overall win percentage of 67% by 7%), with a bit more luck they would have been 4-1 by now.

The only team in the top 3 not winning their division, they trail Bling Bling by 2 games. However, if their current level of performance holds, they should be an easy lock for either of the wild card spots.

Kali Warriors (4)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
3-2 1 36-19 886.80 177.36

After the Big 3, the Kali Warriors lead the tier I’ve taken to thinking of as the “above average tier” which includes the teams in power ranking positions 4-6.

The Kali Warriors currently lead their low-winning and low-scoring division, but that could change in a single game with Total domination nipping at their heels. They should win this next week’s game, but anything could happen.

Tricksters (5)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
3-2 1 32-23 869.86 173.97

The Tricksters epitomize the “above average” tier. They’ve quietly put up consistently good games but haven’t done anything extraordinary. They lead their division, but despite being a game ahead of the speed-demons, their hold on the number 1 spot could change in a single week if the scoring disparity is wide enough. This is especially true this week since the speed-demons have the easiest possible matchup against the #12 team, the Red Warriors.

Total domination (6)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
3-2 2 27-28 834.82 166.96

Total domination lived up to their name last week, putting up an incredible showing in one of the highest-scoring fantasy football weeks in recent memory.

While they lived up to their name last week, the same can’t be said for the season to date; with a very average overall win record and a PPG that is .03 below the league average, Total domination will need to show serious improvement in the next few weeks or make some aggressive moves if they truly want to totally dominate the league.

speed-demons (7)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
2-3 2 25-30 831.42 166.28

After their first week’s impressive 200+ point showing, the speed-demons have steadily declined performance-wise and now sit at #7 in these rankings. They trail the Tricksters in their division by a win and about 38 points, so they’re far from out of the running. However, they’ve got some work to do if they hope to be a viable contender ROS.

This week they face the Red Warriors, though, so for now they can just sit back and relax.

Golden Eagles (8)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
3-2 2 22-33 796.68 159.34

The Golden Eagles are the last of the more feasible contenders in these rankings. Their performance for most of the season has been lackluster, but before Week 5 they made some significant moves which paid off with a 208.46-point performance. They have stiff competition in the High Flyers division against Pegasus, who leads them by a win and 143.58 points.

There’s still plenty of season left–we’ll have to see if the Golden Eagles can rise (er–soar) to the occasion.

Winged Hussars (9)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
1-4 3 22-33 785.44 157.09

It’s been a tough year for the Hussars. Even though it’s only Week 5 and there is time for them to turn things around, they’ve started to go into more of a rebuilding mode, selling players for picks and positioning themselves to come out of next year’s draft in a better place.

Sad to see, but they can’t all fly high, I suppose.

Detroit Wolverines (10)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
1-4 3 17-38 757.26 151.45

The Wolverines find themselves in a very competitive division with two powerhouses (Bling Bling and Not Lucky). I really don’t see them making any kind of push for a playoff spot given their performance to date and points for.

Necessary Roughness (11)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
1-4 3 14-41 748.98 149.80

Feels bad when you win your first game but still go down in the power rankings. 😜

Among the 1-4 teams, Necessary Roughness stands the best chance of making a playoff run. It’s still slim, but the leader of their division, the Tricksters, are only 3-2. That’s far less of a gap than the Wolverines or the Hussars have (we’ll get to the Red Warriors).

Roughness’s only shot at playoff glory will be toppling the Tricksters, though–with the points they’ve scored so far and the other teams out there, a wild card spot probably isn’t in the cards.

Red Warriors (12)

Record Division Rank Overall Wins Points For PPG
1-4 3 9-46 644.02 128.80

Oof. The Red Warriors sit at the bottom of these standings for the second week in a row, and I have to think they’ll make themselves at home here.

They put up the first sub-100-point performance last week, and they are the only team with single-digit wins overall. The Warriors should be in full rebuild mode at this point, and they appear to be, after selling OBJ this week.

That said, they are technically only 2 games behind their division leader, the Kali Warriors. Toppling that team, though, will be difficult. I hear the owner’s pretty good.

Luck Chart

The Golden Eagles retain their position as the luckiest team in the league, and they’re certainly taking advantage of it. Most of these percentages are negligible, though the Winged Hussars are probably feeling the sting at this point. With their overall win percentage, they should be 2-3.

Not Lucky is slowly climbing his way back up from the depths of not-luckiness, so good on them!

Anyway, on to the next week!