Week 5 Performance Rankings

The rankings this week got really close. It’s anybody’s game right now.

Overall Rankings

Bling Bling leaps into first after stomping Pegasus in a head-to-head. Total domination and speed-demons are neck-and-neck for that coveted sixth seed. Golden Eagles, Winged Hussars, Detroit Wolverines, and Necessary Roughness are outside looking in. Red Warriors need to throw up a Hail Mary to have a shot.


Not much movement at the top, but Winged Hussars drop to the 11th positions. That’s to be expected from them after they traded three of their offensive starters to Golden Eagles in exchange for draft picks.


Jackson and Mahomes underformed this week leaving room for everyone else to catch up at this position. Red Warriors fall behind after they decided to start Joe Flacco of all people over Russell Wilson.


Turns out Bling Bling didn’t need McCaffrey to hold the number one spot at RB. Them and Not Lucky hold that untouchable spot, and when Barkely comes back for the Kali Warriors, they’ll be looking to inch their way to the top. Otherwise pretty much zero movement from everyone else.


Golden Eagles reclaim their spot at the top after acquiring Juju Smith-Schuster from the Winged Hussars. Total domination and Tricksters are really close though. I expect this spot to go back and forth the next few weeks.


Necessary Roughness and speed-demons have held those #1 and #2 spots all season duking it out between each other. Everyone else is fighting for the leftovers, but Tricksters are in position to make a move into the Top 2.


Bling Bling grabs the number one defensive rank for the first time this season. It’s a close race behind and the bottom of the barrel is catching up.


Kali Warriors have held the lead at D-Line since Week 2. There’s a twenty point gap between them and Pegasus. However, there’s only a 23.5 gap between the #2 and #8 ranks.


Very little movement here. Bling Bling holds a strong lead while everyone else has had some decent performances. Except Necessary Roughness. They haven’t lived up to their namesake.


Winged Hussars hold a slim lead over the Golden Eagles. This is the only category where no team receives a failing grade. A lot of depth at this position. Well, if you’ll settle for being mediocre that is.

Final Thoughts

The division leaders are anything but settled. Division by Zero has the two best scoring teams while Pegasus has stalled giving Golden Eagles an opportunity to snatch the High Flyers division. Lots of teams are in a position to make a big move to make the playoffs. We’ve already had three major trades. Will there be any more?