2020 Season Kickoff Newsletter

After a very long, quiet hiatus, the 2020 season has officially begun!


Official Congratulations

First off, official congratulations are long overdue for the 2019 season champions, the Tricksters! The championship game against Pegasus ended up being extremely close, but after barely claiming the 6th seed, the Tricksters swept through the playoffs and claimed their title.

New Records Page

I’ve added a new Records page to the nav bar, where you’ll find various records/all-time stats from the league, including league and divisional champions, most PF in a season, most points scored in a single game, and head-to-head records for each team (so you can see how you’ve performed against every other team throughout the seasons).

Title Belt Refresher

The Tricksters have held the title belt for 5 straight weeks, carrying it into the championship. This week they defend it from none other than Necessary Roughness.

Team Power Rankings by the “Experts”

Based on FantasyPros’ expert aggregator, here’s how our teams stack up after the draft.

Rank Team Score Grade
1 Kali Warriors 100 A+
2 Tricksters 99 A+
3 Bling Bling 92 A-
4 Detroit Wolverines 87 B
5 Necessary Roughness 84 B
6 Red Warriors 83 B-
7 Not Lucky 82 B-
8 Speed-Demons 80 B-
9 Pegasus 80 B-
10 Winged Hussars 78 C+
11 The Death Eaters 73 C-
12 Golden Eagles 65 D


  • Of course, take these rankings with the grainiest of grains of salt, as we don’t know that much about the rookies this year, and they seem to be perpetually down on Pegasus, despite that team performing reasonably strongly last season, barely getting beaten out by the Tricksters in the championship. I give their rankings a relatively low weighting in my Power Ranking calculations, but at this point it’s all we have to go off of. So suck it nerds, I’m better than all of you

Matchup Preview

Kali Warriors vs. Red Warriors

Projected Winner

  Sleeper Win % FantasyPros Win %
Kali Warriors 93% 96.5%

Last year, the Red Warriors played a key role in keeping Kali Warriors from a playoff berth in the home stretch of the season, so KW is out for revenge.

The Death Eaters vs. speed-demons

Projected Winner

  Sleeper Win % FantasyPros Win %
speed-demons 85% 80.9%

Not much to say here. speed-demons are the favorites by a wide margin, and a win here would even the score between themselves and The Death Eaters, who beat them in their sole matchup last season.

Tricksters vs. Necessary Roughness (Title Belt Match)

Projected Winner

  Sleeper Win % FantasyPros Win %
Tricksters 78% 80.6%

The reigning champs are undefeated against their division, and this week is looking to continue that streak (and the current longest Title Belt streak held by the Tricksters).

Bling Bling vs. Detroit Wolverines


  Sleeper Win % FantasyPros Win %
Bling Bling 59% 24.2%
Detroit Wolverines 41% 75.8%

Arguably the rivalry in Division by Zero, this matchup could truly go either way. Both teams are very strong, and each of them has beaten the other once (in the regular season), for a 50% win-loss percentage. I’ll be watching this closely to see who pulls out ahead in this bout of rivals.

Golden Eagles vs. Pegasus

Projected Winner

  Sleeper Win % FantasyPros Win %
Pegasus 72% 92.3%

Pegasus is undefeated against the Golden Eagles, and that streak shows no signs of stopping this week. Golden Eagles’ only significant positional advantages are at TE and DL, with Zach Ertz, Gronk, Nick Bosa, and Fletcher Cox in the lineup. It’ll be interesting to see just how well Gronk plays given the pretty penny the Eagles spent on him.

Winged Hussars vs. Not Lucky

Projected Winner

  Sleeper Win % FantasyPros Win %
Not Lucky 87% 60%

Sleeper has Not Lucky winning this matchup by a decent margin, but it could be deceptively close. The Hussars are stronger on the defensive side of the ball (excepting Jamal Adams), and Not Lucky is stronger on the offensive side of the ball (mainly excepting Mahomes). Not Lucky won their sole matchup last season and looks to stay undefeated, but an upset here is certainly possible.