Week 4 Performance Rankings

Is trading away your star player a good idea? Can anyone beat Pegasus? Does Bling Bling prove you don’t need a quarterback to win championships? The performance rankings might be able to tell us.

Overall Rankings

A lackluster performance from speed-demons this week means Pegasus, Not Lucky, and Bling Bling pull ahead in the overall scores. Kali Warriors return to the mix after making a blockbuster trade (more on that later) despite their loss this week, and Tricksters have snuck their way into the top five.


A lot of movement here, but Not Lucky still stands on top. Necessary Roughness had their best offensive game of the season earning them the number seven rank.


Bling Bling’s quarterback woes continue. Did you know seven quarterbacks have scored more fantasy points in one week than Bling Bling has scored at the position the entire season?


A blockbuster trade went through this week. Bling Bling shipped off Christian McCaffrey to Kali Warriors in return for Kenny Golladay, Khalil Mack, and a 2020 3rd round draft pick. So far it’s worked out for both teams. And while Bling Bling will inevitably fall a little bit in the RB rankings, they’ll make up for it in the strengths they acquired at the other positions. The question remains how much this will affect Kali Warriors this season without Barkley for much of it, but now that they arguably have the No. 1 & 2 running backs in the league, they will dominate this position for years to come.


The Golden Eagles lose the number one spot to a team that has been quietly successful: the Tricksters. Watch out for them. They may not put up big numbers all the time, but their team has a strong consistency that few others possess.


I’m just going to take this moment to congratulate the Golden Eagles for finally escaping a single digit total in the TE category being the last team to do so for any category.


Pegasus returns to the top seat while Not Lucky drops four places indicating last week’s performance was more of an outlier than the norm.


Kali Warriors, Not Lucky, and Pegasus maintain their lead while everyone else jockeys for fourth. Except Winged Hussars. They just can’t catch a break at D-Line.


Bling Bling holds a commanding lead at linebacker. Everyone else is easily within one game of jumping a rank or two.


This is a really tight race. The biggest gap between any two teams is just 13 points. Of course, there’s a 44.5 point gap between the No. 1 & 12 teams, so expect a lot of small moves and not leaps and bounds with the rank changes.

Final Thoughts

Most of the top teams came down to Earth this week, but still managed to win. With the bye weeks coming up, teams’ depth will be tested. Pegasus, Bling Bling, and Not Lucky are looking like strong playoff contenders right now, but there’s still plenty of room for someone else to join that conversation.