Week 3 Performance Rankings

After three weeks, the rankings are starting to solidify giving us a better picture of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Still, there was a lot of movement at some positions this week, and there’s still time for teams to make significant changes. Let’s dive in.

Overall Rankings

No surprises here. Not Lucky and Pegasus dominate the top spots. They are quickly looking like the teams to beat this year. Bling Bling and speed-demons aren’t too far behind. I expect these four teams to continue to dominate going forward.


A lot of movement in the offensive category. Total domination moves up the most places of any team while Kali Warriors and Golden Eagles drop three. The flex positions have significant weight in the overall offense rankings. This can be perfectly seen with the Winged Hussars who rank pretty low in both RB and WR, but place 5th in overall offense. This shows what they lack in star talent, they make up for in depth and consistency.


Pegasus, Winged Hussars, and speed-demons continue to lead. Red Warriors jumps up to fourth after a stellar performance from Russell Wilson. A welcome surprise for them after a rought start to the season. The disparity between the top and bottom teams continues to grow. Going forward, I expect the top six teams to stay ahead with some movement within that group.


Pegasus joins Bling Bling and Not Lucky as the teams with the best workhorses. Total domination leap frogs to fourth as speed-demons falls three places. I expect Kali Warriors to fall much further after Saquon Barkley could miss eight weeks, which puts their season on the line.


Golden Eagles are perched on top while Pegasus and speed-demons move up four and six places respectively. It’s a tight battle at this position, and while a couple teams sit squarely at the bottom, the Golden Eagles shouldn’t get too comfortable at where they’re ranked.


We’re starting to see who has the best tight ends. There’s a lot more depth at this position than most people thought going into this season. Still, I expect this position rank to splinter into three groups: the might as well be receivers, the what you expect from a TE, and the essentially extra linemen.


Not Lucky moves up a whopping eight positions to lead the overall defense category. This means they are now number one at offense, defense, and overall despite being 1-2. They really are Not Lucky. Meanwhile, the Detroit Wolverines sit at number 12 for offense, defense, and overall. Coincidentally they both played each other this week, and it was not pretty.


After this week, Kali Warriors, Not Lucky, and Pegasus have the best performing defensive linemen. There’s a couple teams like Total domination and Necessary Roughness that might move up into that elite group, but most everyone else has a lot of catching up to do.


Bling Bling takes a significant lead over speed-demons at LB this week. Other than Not Lucky moving up six places and Winged Hussars dropping five, not a lot of movement and the spread is pretty consistent.


The Golden Eagles soar from the bottom to fourth after just one week. Winged Hussars take a commanding lead over Pegasus after Clinton-Dix’s Monday Night performance. Meanwhile, Bling Bling drops to last.

Final Thoughts

Pegasus and Not Lucky have convinced me they’re the best teams thus far. Going forward, I think Pegasus will stand on top. They have fewer weaknesses and show more consistency. Also being 3-0 as opposed to 1-2 is pretty good. A few teams made significant leaps this week in the rankings. Time will tell whether they just had a rought start to the season, or if this week was a fluke.