Week 3 Monday Night Miracles

There isn’t much hope to go around this week, but light shines brightest in the dark, or whatever.

Kali Warriors vs. speed-demons

The only miracle I’m hoping for today is for Saquon to not be out for half the season. 🙏

The Death Eaters vs. Red Warriors (Divisional)

Unless the Warriors’ remaining SS Landon Collins plays a lights-out game tonight and significantly outscores his projection, this is a game that could go either way after stat corrections run this week. If he hits his projection on the money, the gap is only about 2 points, which is a gap easily crossed by significant stat corrections on either side.

Tricksters vs. Necessary Roughness (Divisional)

This game swung back and forth all day yesterday, but after Kupp’s performance last night, it could be decided.

If the Tricksters hit their projected points total in tonight’s game, Necessary Roughness’s last WR Allen Robinson will need to put up a 30-point game. It’s definitely possible, especially since he’s the Bears’ WR1. The only problem is that he’s catching passes from Mitch Trubisky, who hasn’t exactly been an elite QB this season. It’s possible the MNF slot will spur him and the team onto greatness, but it doesn’t look good.

Not Lucky vs. Detroit Wolverines (Divisional)


Golden Eagles vs. Bling Bling

This game also looked like it could go the Eagles’ way, but some booming performances from CMC and LB Shaquil Barrett put an end to that.

If Bling hits their projections, the Golden Eagles will need their remaining LB Danny Trevathan (Bears) to score around 60 points.

Winning scenario: Trevathan makes 6 solo tackles (6 pts) for a loss (18 pts) which are all sacks (24 pts), on top of a pick-six (1 pt for pass defended, 6 pts for INT, 6 pts for TD), resulting in 61 pts.

Winged Hussars vs. Pegasus (Divisional)

This game looked like it was going to be closer than it turned out being, after a lackluster performance by the Hussars.

Like most of this week’s games, there’s not much hope for the Hussars tonight. His two remaining defenders need to put up 69 points together in order to get a win.

Winning scenario: Roquan Smith makes 5 solo tackles (5 pts) for a loss (15 pts), forcing a fumble (4 pts) and recovering it (2 pts), taking it to the house for a touchdown (6 pts).

Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix defends 8 passes (8 pts), intercepting one (6pts) and returning it for a touchdown (6 pts). He also makes 5 solo tackles (5 pts) for a loss (15 pts).

Even though we’ve seen 30+ point totals this week from defenders, they’re a rarity, so it’s looking like another L is on the way, with Pegasus claiming their third victim.