Week 2 Monday Night Miracles

The bulk of the week’s games are over, but there’s still hope! Let’s break down the miracles folks need to turn things around.

Kali Warriors vs. Red Warriors

Assuming the Kali Warriors hit their projected point total of 180.10, the Red Warriors’ remaining WR Odell Beckham Jr. needs to put up 84.71 points tonight, which is over 550% of his current projections.

Possible winning scenario: OBJ catches 20 receptions, goes 330 yards, and scores 7 touchdowns.

Not likely.

The Death Eaters vs. Necessary Roughness

The Death Eaters’s team seems hell-bent on making my upset-of-the-week prediction wrong.

This game could go either way at this point. Bell should see some high volume with a less-experienced QB that’s going to check down more often than Darnold might have, but between his shoulder and the O-line injuries on the Jets, there’s a decent chance he puts up a bad performance tonight.

Both teams have a RB left to play (Bell on TD’s side, Chubb on NR’s) and an IDP (LB and DL respectively). Linebackers tend to put up more points than linemen, so the advantage might be on Domination’s side there, but that’s harder to predict.

The outcome of this game really comes down to the quality of the run game on either team playing tonight, and I’m excited to see how this plays out!

speed-demons vs. Tricksters

Not much to say here. All the speed-demons can hope for are some late stat corrections in his favor totaling about 24 points. Call me crazy, but I don’t think his players have 6 touchdowns that haven’t been accounted for. 😛

Bling Bling vs. Lucky

This one’s also pretty locked up–Bling Bling has Njoku (TE) in play tonight, and Lucky needs his remaining SS Jamal Adams to make up the potentially 29-point difference (assuming projections hold for Bling Bling). This is far from impossible–after all, in this very game Luke Kuechly put up 31 points. It is, however, far from likely.

Possible winning scenario: Jamal Adams makes 5 solo tackles (5 pts) for a loss (15 pts) and catches an interception (6 pts) for a touchdown (6 pts).

After Baker’s 3-INT showing last week, there’s a decent chance Adams pulls one in this week and puts up solid numbers. I wouldn’t count on it being enough to win, though. But hey, maybe today Lucky will actually live up to his name.

Winged Hussars vs. Detroit Wolverines

ROUGH week for the Wolverines. Will be interested to see whether they or the Red Warriors claim the #12 spot in the power rankings this week (stay tuned for Wednesday).

There should be brighter days ahead for Detroit–hopefully DJax’s injury doesn’t put him out for longer than a week, if that, and if the allegations against AB put him on the exempt list, Josh Gordon should see his stat line bounce back.

I don’t think a 70-point stat correction is coming your way, buddy.

Golden Eagles vs. Pegasus

Something something stat correction something something potentially 42 points. Rough stuff.

They might be the Golden Eagles, but this week they were laying goose eggs.