Week 2 Matchup Preview

More football! Life has meaning!

Let’s dig into this week’s matchups.

Title Belt Matchup - Kali Warriors vs. Red Warriors (Divisional)

The current title belt holder (Kali Warriors) is up against the Red Warriors this week.

(Cerberus is a very aggressively-named division)

Sleeper currently has me projected to win pretty handily, and I’d be surprised if the Red Warriors pulled off an upset this week. Despite having a better WR corps, I have an edge in QB, RB, and most defensive positions.


I also used FantasyPros to provide additional data points for win probability/player point projections.

(Each team’s power ranking in parentheses)

Team Sleeper Win % FPros Win %
Kali Warriors (#4) 78% 64.6%
Red Warriors (#12) 22% 35.4%

Winner: Kali Warriors

Upset of the Week - The Death Eaters vs. Necessary Roughness

I’m calling this one my upset of the week. Sleeper’s giving Necessary Roughness a 78% win probability, but I think The Death Eaters can pull one through.

There seems to be a decent chance that Antonio Brown plays this Sunday, and if he does, you’re looking at a very boom-or-bust outcome. Vegas has a huge 18.5-point line on the Patriots/Dolphins game with a 48.5-point over/under, giving the Pats an implied point total of about 34. There’s a lot of fantasy potential there.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for poor outcomes if you choose to play AB on Sunday.


Team Sleeper Win % FPros Win %
The Death Eaters (#9) 22% 46.2%
Necessary Roughness (#8) 78% 53.8%

Winner: The Death Eaters

Tricksters vs. speed-demons (Divisional)

This is a pretty close matchup. Sleeper currently has the Tricksters winning by 8, but I tend to lean toward speed-demons taking the W in this game. As noted above, the biggest potential blowout this week is the Patriots v. Dolphins game, and the demons have Edelman and Burkhead in the lineup. The Tricksters arguably have the most stacked WR corps in the league, but their matchups this week aren’t as ideal.

It’ll be close, but I think the demons will come away with another win.


Team Sleeper Win % FPros Win %
Tricksters (#5) 64% 45%
speed-demons (#1) 36% 55%

Winner: speed-demons

Bling Bling vs. Lucky (Divisional)

This is another matchup that’s projected to be pretty close. I have to say, I think Lucky’ll run away with it.

There’s a ton of point potential on Lucky’s side, and Bling’s biggest weapon, CMC, biffed it. So did Cam, but that’s becoming a pattern. They keep insisting Cam’s foot is totally fine, but I’m not so sure. Dude looked terrible. L. Kuechly’s performance might save Bling Bling, but it’s not looking good.

If Goff can try to not suck this week, Lucky stands a great chance at taking the win.

Also, I don’t know what Sleeper’s deal is. They still haven’t registered L. Kuechly’s safety, and I’ve confirmed that it has been credited to him by multiple stat sites. I might send support a message, because that’s a whopping 10 points missing from the board.


Team Sleeper Win % FPros Win %
Bling Bling (#2) 34% 50.9%
Lucky (#6) 66% 49.1%

Winner: Lucky

Winged Hussars vs. Detroit Wolverines

I mostly agree with the projections here. Looking at the lineups, both have pretty formidable players rostered, but the Hussars seem to have the most power on both sides of the ball, with some exceptions. Detroit has the better RB corps, but the Hussars have the edge on WRs, TE, and FLEX. There’s a ton of potential on Detroit’s team, but at this point it’s harder to know how consistent those players will be this season.

Defensively, the Hussars also look stacked with the likes of Vander Esch, Clinton-Dix, Poyer, and Roquan Smith all with solid matchups. I’m expecting big numbers from his IDP options.


Team Sleeper Win % FPros Win %
Winged Hussars (#10) 72% 61.6%
Detroit Wolverines (#11) 28% 38.4%

Winner: Winged Hussars

Golden Eagles vs. Pegasus (Divisional)

I’m very interested in the results of this one. Pegasus definitely turned up last week, but I’m curious to know how consistent that team’s players’ performances will be for the rest of the season. Despite running away with the overall point total victory, Pegasus’s roster is ranked #9 in terms of R.O.S. strength (see this week’s newsletter).

That said, I think Pegasus should have an easy win this week.


Team Sleeper Win % FPros Win %
Golden Eagles (#7) 9% 38.5%
Pegasus (#3) 91% 61.5%

Winner: Pegasus