Week 2 Performance Rankings

We’re two weeks into the season and teams are starting to get an idea of who they are. There’s still enough time to save the season, so let’s breakdown everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. UPDATE: This article was written prior to Lucky changing their team name to Not Lucky to reflect the sad reality they find themselves in.

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Week 2 Matchup Preview

More football! Life has meaning! Let’s dig into this week’s matchups. Title Belt Matchup - Kali Warriors vs. Red Warriors (Divisional) The current title belt holder (Kali Warriors) is up against the Red Warriors this week. (Cerberus is a very aggressively-named division) Sleeper currently has me projected to win pretty handily, and I’d be...

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Week 2 Newsletter

Owner of the Week Pegasus (Kendra Beutler) This week I'm recognizing Kendra Beutler as this week's Owner of the Week! Pegasus put up an astonishing 226.26 fantasy points, which was 97% of the team's max possible points. Power Rankings The following rankings factor into the calculation how your te...

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