Executive Orders

Initially created to enable me to quickly enact league policies without going through the Article XI amendment process during the famously tumultuous 2020 season, these “executive orders” are my way of addressing issues quickly to ensure a “smooth, fair, and fun league experience” (Article I). They cannot directly contradict the League Constitution in any way, so if any owner thinks one does, feel free to object to it in the Sleeper chat.

Checks and Balances

Typically, orders will have a set expiry in place–mainly to ensure these are regularly examined and renewed only if deemed necessary. Of course, these (or more generalized versions of them) can be officially codified into the Constitution at any point according to the process laid out in Article XI Section 4 and would thus be permanently effective unless repealed.

Should members of the league deem any of these unfair or undesired, overturning any one of them is simple:

  • If five owners express that an order should be overturned, it is revoked immediately. The reasoning behind this number is that five opposed would be all that’s needed to halt the passage of an amendment to the Constitution.
  • The Commissioner may also revoke them at any time without the need for a vote.

Platform-Illegal Roster Corrections


In cases where a roster is platform-illegal (i.e. locked by the league platform until players in illegal spots are fixed), and the owner has not taken steps to remedy the issue, the Commissioner has the authority to fix the roster at their discretion.

If resolving the issue requires dropping players from the roster (after IR and Taxi slots have been filled), the Commissioner will prioritize drops from the bench using the following criteria:

  • Non-rookies (i.e. not drafted this year)
  • Lowest Roster %
  • Lowest Start %
  • Coin flip

Expires: Does not expire

❌ Expired Executive Orders

Order Details Expired On
COVID-19 IR Eligibility Allowed players with COVID to occupy an IR slot End of 2022
Game Postponement Insurance Allowed owners to insure players against game postponement End of 2022
Mandatory Rostering Enforcement and Penalties Added rostering penalties (now codified) Mid-2022